Who we are?

Officer’s Kitchen is the ambitious attempt by an energetic team cheered on by two young entrepreneurs who wanted to solve a daily problem they faced at lunch time – lack of choice for a healthy, less oily, less spicy yet tasty meal that was easily available. Working at the IT district of Kolkata meant choices for lunch were either garish red curries or oily fried chicken legs if the fare served at the street stalls seemed too daring especially on hot, dusty summer and humid rainy days. When lunches skipped became routine, the two engineers decided to act and Officer’s Kitchen happened.

Yes, we are a young team who saw business potential in a common problem that everyone in the Sector V – New Town region faced. But, Officer’s Kitchen has a rich heritage. Catering runs in the blood of the team. Officer’s Kitchen owes it’s origin to a century old institution that still lives on, setup by Late Habul Chandra Dey, great grandfather of one of the entrepreneurs. The business in it’s heydays served healthy but affordable meals to thousands of hungry travelers from a network of refreshment counters across hundreds of railway stations in Eastern India. A signed compliment by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on its Menu Card is testimony of it’s class.

Mr. Harinaryan Pal, grandfather of our other founding member responsibly maintained the accounts at K. C. Das & Sons, another iconic house that appealed to food loving Bengalis over generations.

As water flowed below the Howrah Bridge and the times changed, the glorious days passed. Then, the blood wanted to pay homage to the men and the tradition of feeding people. As hands joined, a new dream took form through modern tools - web and mobile orders, doorstep delivery, commercial kitchen with industrial air ventilation system, constant video surveillance, fire alarm system creating a hygienic fully-equipped kitchen right at the corner of Sector V and New Town.

The fire in our kitchen has been lit. Our phone lines are open. Passionately, we wait for the opportunity to serve one more lunch-box.